• RedFlag Solutions - Manufacturing (RFS)

    Manufacturing systems are both highly complex and have multiple streams thyat need to be monitored and controlled in real-time if problems occurring in an upstream process are not to adversely affect multiple downstream operations that will result in reduced quality and wastage.

    In a typical manufacturing execution system there might be something like 3,000 process control points all giving off measurable information. The changes to these readings can be significant events if they change by more than certain thresholds.

    By creating scenarios where a combination of events from different parts of multiple processes could raise RedFlag Alerts a continuous operational intelligence monitoring system can potentially save thousands of euros of potential wastage. It does this by pointing out issues that are likely to affect later processes and need instant rectification.

    Linking the RedFlag solution to statistical process control systems (PCS) and predictive analytics (PA) enables process engineers a powerful tool to assist in root cause analysis (RCA)

    The big issue is that although, technically, interfaces to all this event data already exists process-engineers were not easily able to monitor and create alerts by themselves. Because of our integration with these standard technologies from the word go we enable the process engineers to create and manage their own RedFlag solutions. In effect we deliver an ‘event service bus’ they can tap into. This gives them the freedom to escape from the clutches of the ‘process terrorists’ who resent any intrusion into the individual processes they control and provides an over-arching framework to support operational intelligence.

    See how you can build customized business solutions by using the ClearPriority Platform.

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