• RedFlag Solutions - Logistics (RFS)

    This ClearPriority Logistics (RFS) Supply Chain and Logistics Solution delivers a new level of excellence to global supply chain monitoring. It extends existing ERP and supply chain management systems information by providing access to real-time data across dispersed systems that may affect your supply base and customer service.

    The resulting intelligence can assist in the proactive management of supply chain and logistics issues which may enable you to improve service and cost management.

    ClearPriority Logistics (RFS) Supply Chain and Logistics Solution helps eliminate critical information delays and distortions.

    “Early warnings” let you recognize and correct exceptions in multiple dimensions of your supply chain, providing additional visibility into:

    • Supplier delivery performance and likely market delays or constraints
    • Unexpected increases in the cost of materials
    • Other Key supplier issues that could affect supplies, including significant and notable events
    • Monitored/correlated information from external sources (Dun & Bradstreet, Bureau Van Dijk, Experian etc.)
    • Preferred routing and billing parameters monitoring
    • Ongoing supplier relationships
    • Competitive knowledge and market performance metrics

    See how you can build customized business solutions by using the ClearPriority Platform.

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