• RedFlag Solutions - Procurement Fraud (RFS)

    The procurement cycle is prone to a high degree of risk -- from rogue sales practices that may involve excessive discounts or unapproved credit extensions, to mismanagement of receipts, and cash fraud.

    ClearPriority’s Procurement Fraud (RFS) gives you visibility into your process, system, and supplier compliance management. As a suite of automated, predefined analytics, it is designed to monitor business activities and identify potential errors, delays, and fraudulent activity. It provides collection, correlation and case management capabilities :

    • Red Flag library that integrates the latest fraud scenarios.
    • Real-time alerting.
    • Investigative Link Analysis for correlating and detecting hidden relationships among potential fraud participants.
    • End-to-end case management for resolving violations.

    See how you can build customized business solutions by using the ClearPriority Platform.

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