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As a general-purpose, real-time operational intelligence platform, ClearPriority provides organizations with unmatched flexibility to implement custom monitoring systems, and to monitor high-impact business operations across domains. Here are selected examples of the industries we serve:

Company Profile: Company Profile: Company Profile: Company Profile: Company Profile:
International bank and asset management firm. Global plastics, chemical and refining company. Global public utility providing sustainable solutions in electricity, natural gas, energy services, water and waste management. Regional employment agency providing job training, employment assistance and administration. Global provider of IT services, outsourcing, and integrated software solutions.
Challenge: Challenge: Challenge: Challenge: Challenge:
Real-time and proactive monitoring of trade order processing operations outsourced to an external vendor. Proactive monitoring of sea container transportation costs and price policy enforcement in SAP environment. Reduce the waiting period between the receipt of power grid connection requests and meter service implementation. Reduce the number of billing errors. Monitor complex and time-sensitive administrative processes, and mitigate fraud risks. Implement a central Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring solution on the company’s internal and hosted customer systems.
Solution(s): Solution(s): Solution(s): Solution(s): Solution(s):
Real-time workflow monitoring of high volumes of trade orders flowing between back office and outsourced middle office. Real-time business event monitoring, including segregation of duties, order timing confirmation and detection of anomalies and suspicious patterns. Real-time view of customer enrollment processes to ensure seamless customer service. Monitoring of meter reading and associated billing processes. IT Control, Financial Flow Monitoring, Fraud Detection. Real-time Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring.
Benefits: Benefits: Benefits: Benefits: Benefits:
High ROI from proactive trade order error identification and remediation, reduced operational costs and trade failure, rapid and easy development of new applications. Reduced interruptions and impediments to supply chain operations, lower procurement costs, reduced risk of fraud, enhanced performance and profitability. Faster analysis and reporting, improved customer billing, improved customer service operations, higher customer satisfaction. Improve security, threat identification, and fraud detection. Improved quality of service through business process visibility, early detection of system malfunctions and other performance issues.
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