• A Custom Platform for your Operational Environment

    As an open and general-purpose continuous monitoring technology, The ClearPriority Intelligence Platform makes it easier to manage a complex and distributed environment. It consolidates risk-related data from multiple network, platform and application sources. Near real-time data extraction, transformation and correlation capabilities let you keep tabs on operational activity.

    Major Components

    The Real-Time Operational Intelligence Platform – enables business users to implement critical real-time operational intelligence to observe, orient, decide and act immediately to business situations. It has two main components:

    • Correlation engine continuously monitors the event stream to raise RedFlag alerts based on defined scenarios
    • Development Studio - An intuitive, event-based graphical notation lets you express business and risk situations in a natural and straightforward manner
    • Features

      • Open Architecture - ClearPriority’s open, application-independent infrastructure provides unique flexibility for monitoring high-impact risks and anomalies across both business and IT environments.
      • Offers panoramic overview of all activity - adding a complimentary continuous monitoring capability that can easily be retrofitted into existing infrastructure.
      • State of the art intelligence – Our correlation engine is based on ground breaking research and advanced mathematical concepts to let you correlate data across complex and dynamic systems
      • A Business Friendly Environment - ClearPriority’s Development Studio - reduces the effort needed to create new monitoring applications.
      • Fast Delivery - Rapidly define new sources and rules, and implement controls in the form of real-time alerts and Key Performance and Risk Indicators (KXIs) without IT intervention.
      • Highly Scalable - ClearPriority can handle hundreds of millions of risk events per day. The platform fits easily in an enterprise's existing infrastructure via JVM and J2EE integration. A simple deployment process lets you implement the controls you need to monitor:

    ClearPriority in Action

    From Incident Management...

    From Incident Management...

    • Data Extraction: ClearPriority uses both agentless and agent-based extraction processes. So you can capture data from a variety of sources - from business applications to operating systems and network devices. An SDK lets you quickly develop extraction agents to capture data from proprietary sources.
    • Event Data Aggregation: editors let you build extraction rules for consolidating data from disparate sources.
    • Rule-based Event Correlation: intuitive editors allow you to correlate metric types from distinct information systems.
    • Customizable alert screens: flexible screens highlight a variety of incidents and activity thresholds

    ...to Automated Controls:

    ...to Automated Controls:

    • Extraction of Metrics Data: commands generate the events that are associated with a variety of metrics, such as IT controls, business performance, or policy-compliance statistics.
    • KCI, KPI and KRI Definition: a powerful editor lets you create simple KXI rules, and control threshold settings.
    • KCI, KPI and KRI Aggregation: business analysts can quickly define rules for consolidating process and business metrics into key categories.
    • Custom Management Dashboards: a Dashboard Studio lets you build custom KCI, KPI and KRI screens without knowing SQL or programming languages.
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