Tailor Operational Intelligence Apps To Your Needs : Volatile markets…Short product cycles… Competitive pressure…  Some parts of your business can be unpredictable. That’s why the ClearPriority platform gives you a mechanism for adapting to change.

    ClearPriority’s open, application-independent infrastructure provides unique flexibility for monitoring high-impact risks and anomalies across both business and IT environments.

    Expand Your Existing Apps with New Features

    A general-purpose operational intelligence platform, ClearPriority can let you expand existing monitoring capabilities – without coding.

    By using the graphic development studio, operational managers and their staff can quickly add new data sources and business rules as business models and market conditions change. All without specialized programming skills.

    A Do-It-Yourself Development Environment

    ClearPriority’s Development Studio reduces the effort needed to create new monitoring applications. An intuitive, event-based graphical notation lets you express business and risk situations in a natural and straightforward manner.

    For example, you can rapidly define new sources and rules, and implement controls in the form of real-time alerts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) without IT intervention.

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