• Implementation Services

    Each business faces unique operational challenges.  That’s why we offer services that leverage and extend the ClearPriority Operational Intelligence platform to suit your organization’s specific needs:

    • Integration Engineering:Analysis and development of interconnection and integration software components with third-party information systems.
    • ClearPriority Monitoring SmartPack Design and Implementation: Design and implementation of domain meta models, of extraction, normalization, loading, aggregation and correlation rules, as well as strategic and operational reports.
    • Monitoring SmartPack Testing: Definition of test plans, scenarios and environments for validating domain meta models, extraction, normalization, loading, aggregation and correlation rules, strategic and operational reports.
    • Project Management:Implementation, reporting, quality control and assurance project life-cycle management.
    • Training: Practical user and developer training programs to derive the maximum benefits from the ClearPriority Operational Intelligence monitoring platform.

    To find out more about ClearPriority implementation services, please send an email to support(at)ClearPriority.com

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