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    Why is it particularly useful in Healthcare?

    Because healthcare is already event oriented with standard HL7 defined events that we can use without needing to amend or integrate existing systems. So implementation is fast and easy.

    Because each Hospital has a unique profile and standard solutions seldom offer the speed and adaptability to keep up with change.


    Is it different from the Analytics and Business Intelligence software suites often available in Healthcare?

    Yes because it takes a panoramic view of events occurring now, in multiple systems, without needing to be integrated into them, making it easier to raise a flag or automate an action when something is going wrong.

    And it’s an easy and more natural way to describe events and rules than with business intelligence tools.


    What are we offering ?

    We provide a software Platform that has a simple to use, graphical way to define scenarios of events occurring across multiple systems, and allows you to evaluate whether they offer serious concern. It then enables you to define the alerts and actions that should be taken when these adverse situations occur and allows you to evaluate whether they offer serious concern, in relation to patient well-being, loss of income or other organisational priorities”

    ClearPriority attended the eHealthcare Conference in Brussels recently.


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